Since the bushfires started, we’ve had people reaching out wanting to tell their stories. 

Wanting to share videos of their burned homes, share photos of what they’ve lost. Wanting to show the real-world human impact of the devastation that climate-fuelled bushfires affect. 

It's time to elevate these stories of climate crisis so they are no longer ignored. Our government is failing us and making the problem worse. We deserve better.

We’ll also be dedicating many of our communication channels to share the stories of bushfire survivors, wildlife and everyday heroes. 

If you’ve got a story you’d like to share. Whether it’s photos, video, a written account of what you’ve seen, a letter to the public, we’d love to help you share it. 

You can scroll down to explore the stories that have already been shared in an interactive map.

Your stories are powerful. And if you want a platform to share them on, we’re here to help.




Touch the fire icons to read first-hand accounts of experiences from these bushfires. 

For the best experience on mobile, press full screen, and rotate your device so that it is in landscape mode. 

Click the fire icons to read first-hand accounts of experiences from these bushfires.

N.B. Icons are not representative of actual location.

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