Our blue planet is under threat.

From climate change, plastics, mining and overfishing - the threats facing our oceans are growing everyday.
We must act now to demand a Global Ocean Treaty to help protect over a third of the world's seas through ocean sanctuaries.
Help us reach 4 million signatures!

Governments around the world plan to meet and discuss a Global Ocean Treaty which could open the door to a vast network of ocean sanctuaries protecting over a third of the world’s seas.
There is no time to lose. Add your voice now to our global petition of over 3 million signatures! 

Right now, Greenpeace is in the Indian Ocean

Our ship, the Arctic Sunrise, is currently in the heart of the Indian Ocean at the Saya de Malha Bank, one of many vital ecosystems that could be protected by this treaty. 

As one of the biggest carbon sinks in the high seas, a breeding ground for incredible animals like pygmy blue whales and a source of food and livelihood for local communities it is vital that this ecosystem, along with many others, is protected with a strong Global Ocean Treaty. 

By working with local communities and carrying out scientific research, we'll show why all oceans need protection NOW against destructive fishing, pollution and climate threats which are pushing our oceans to breaking point.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to push for a strong Global Ocean Treaty NOW!

Will you help protect our oceans?

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