Our best chance to protect our oceans.

World leaders of the UN must finalise a strong Global Ocean Treaty by the end of this year to protect our oceans from destructive industries and help save them from collapse.

The seas sustain all life on earth, and are home to some of the most spectacular wildlife. But the impacts of climate change, pollution and destructive industries mean they’re in more danger than ever.

Sign now! We urgently need to turn things around.

Protect our Oceans NOW!

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We urgently need a global ocean treaty

A Global Ocean Treaty at the UN would create a global network of ocean sanctuaries that could put over 30% of our oceans off limits to destructive industries by 2030.

Ocean Sanctuaries can give wildlife space to recover and, in turn, help to cycle carbon and avoid the worst effects of the climate crisis.

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Tell our world leaders to protect our oceans.

Destructive industries like industrial fishing are depleting our oceans of life. Activists onboard our ship, the Arctic Sunrise, recently exposed destructive longline fishing in baby shark breeding grounds in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Watch our heartbreaking animation to understand the plight of these creatures featuring a soundtrack by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

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Let's win the biggest victory for our oceans!