Oil and Whales Don't Mix

Oil giant Equinor has released their so-called Environmental Plan, the next step in the process to starting risky oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight.

The Great Australian Bight is where majestic whales go every year to feed, play and raise their young. It has the highest concentration of dolphins anywhere in the world. And 85% of the animal, fish and plant species in the Bight aren’t found anywhere else.

A place this important needs permanent protection from risky deepwater oil drilling.

Exposed: Oil Spill Map

Entire Coastline at Risk

Imagine Bondi, Bells Beach, Wine Glass Bay, Kangaroo Island or Esperance smothered in toxic black oil. That same oil would suffocate the whales, dolphins and fish of the Bight, causing death and irreversible harm. 

The Australian Government has the power to stop this from happening and permanently protect the Bight from oil drilling - but the minister needs to know it’s a top priority for all of us.

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