Tell Morrison to #StepUp4ThePacific

When Prime Minister Scott Morrison represents Australia on the world stage, we need him to know that the time for climate leadership is now. That all of Australia's major allies, trading partners and businesses are taking stronger action. That Australia must do its fair share or risk being left behind. That it's time to #StepUp4ThePacific.
Add your name to our open letter telling Scott Morrison that Australia can start leading the fight against climate change. And if we are committed to saving the Pacific and indeed the world, we must.

As a major coal and gas producer, and with unrivaled clean energy potential, Australia has one of the greatest responsibilities and a unique opportunity to support our Pacific family and secure a prosperous future for our region based on clean energy.
Lives and livelihoods are already being impacted by climate change. By helping halve global emissions by 2030, Australia can help prevent loss and damage from climate impacts that are already doing harm in the Pacific and Australia.
Tell Prime Minister Scott Morrison that it's time to #StepUp4ThePacific


For the future of Pacific peoples and Australians alike, Australia must at least match the ambition of the US, UK, EU, Canada and many other countries. The Australian Government must:


Double its current Nationally Determined Contribution in line with the 2014 advice of its independent Climate Change Authority


Commit to net zero emissions by 2030 and develop a strategy for how to get there


Recommence its contributions to the Green Climate Fund and provide urgent additional funding beyond the current aid budget to finance climate mitigation and adaptation across the Pacific, in line with the Paris Agreement and its commitment to the Pacific island states.


Pursue a UN General Assembly Resolution seeking an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice on the obligations of States under international law to protect the rights of current and future generations from the adverse effects of climate change.

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