Right now the lungs of our planet, the Amazon Rainforest, is being set on fire and chopped down for profit.

Corporate monsters are burning the forest to the ground to make way for industrial meat production. If we don't act now, more precious habitats will be ruined and Indigenous Peoples could lose their homes.

Watch our new short film Monster, a heartbreaking story of a jaguar whose home is being destroyed.

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Watch Monster In My Kitchen

Monster is an eye-opening short film about the devastating impacts of industrial meat production on the Amazon's habitat, wildlife, and communities.

Stand against deforestation of the Amazon and our world's precious forests.

What is Greenpeace doing about the deforestation?


With the support of our donors, each year we conduct monitoring overflights of the Amazon region. In 2019, we flew over to document heavy burns and found bleak images like the one on the right. Fires are an amalgamation of climate change and burns to make way for cattle grazing.

Raising awareness

In 2018 we showed the world the damage left by the fire between the states of Amazonas, Acre and Rondônia. During the research, we identified active outbreaks especially around and within protected areas, which pose a major risk to their survival.

Tackling destructive policies and practices

Since the beginning of 2019, we have been pressuring the authorities and denouncing, through our communication channels and in the press, the progress of deforestation and the dismantling of Brazil’s environmental policy. Now, we need your help to hold corporations accountable for their impact on the Amazon and the rest of the planet.

Why save the Amazon?

No matter where you live, the health of the Amazon rainforest affects your life. The forest works as a carbon sink, storing carbon dioxide, preventing it from being released into the atmosphere and contributing to global warming. Deforestation releases the carbon dioxide, fuelling climate change. Around the world, deforestation is responsible for ten to fifteen percent of greenhouse gas emissions. This is why protection of the Amazon is the backbone of our fight against climate change.

Deforestation in MATOPIBA led the way for soy plantations. This region is considered the jewel of Brazilian agribusiness. Following MATOPIBA as an example, development and deforestation in the region of Cerrado, one of the most threatened biomes in Brazil, is threatening the underground system of aquifers throughout South America.

Protecting the habitat of Amazonian species

From colorful butterflies to the largest snakes in the world, the  Amazon rainforest is made up of a mosaic of ecosystems which have unmatched biological richness. Standing behind the guardians of the forest means not only protecting the beautiful jungle, but also all the animals that are already threatened - some being found nowhere else on Earth. Let's help these beautiful creatures by  stopping deforestation.




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