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This summer has been catastrophic. Record-breaking heat and destructive extreme weather events wreaked havoc across the country. Homes crumbled, forests burned, and some of our most cherished wildlife have perished.

Our leaders are elected to protect us. They're failing. And they're laughing at us while they do.

It's time to demand an apology.

As disaster survivors are attempting to piece together the remains of their livelihoods, the Coalition are proudly shovel climate-wrecking coal into the furnace.

As students rally around the world for their futures, our Prime Ministers tells them to stay in school. 

As our country stares down the barrel of a climate catastrophe, as temperatures continue to soar, Scott Morrison mocks us whilst brandishing a lump of coal.

And you're not doing anything to quell our fears. So, we're demanding an apology. For:

1. Putting your support of fossil fuels above the safety of Australians in the front line

2. Lacking ambition with global emissions reduction targets

3. Refusing to lead an energy transition to renewables, to support your mates in the fossil fuel industry

4. Telling us not be scared, when your decisions have and will continue to put lives in danger

An apology isn't just saying 'sorry'.

It means doing everything in your power to stop this from happening again. It means starting the transition to a clean and sustainable Australia today.

So we're asking Scott Morrison to apologise, and make it right.

We are scared, Prime Minister.

"This is coal! Don't be afraid! It won't hurt you!"

Demand Scott Morrison apologise today.

Because if our government isn't doing everything they can to fight this - they're fuelling the fire.

Call: 1800 815 151

Authorised by D. Rowe, Lvl 2, 33 Mountain Street, Ultimo NSW 2007

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