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Our climate is breaking down. Call on Scott Morrison to declare a climate emergency - and act on it. Add your name now.

The overwhelming majority of Australians agree that we are facing a climate crisis that requires emergency action now.

Australian families are suffering as we watch our homes burn, our towns flood and our rivers run dry. Meanwhile, Australian politicians continue to shovel coal into the furnace, causing irreversible damage to our climate.


The science is clear: Governments have to act now to replace fossil fuels with renewables and drastically reduce emissions if we are to even have a better than 50/50 chance of avoiding catastrophic climate change.

Now is the time to pull out all the stops. And this is just the beginning. Change is coming - we have big plans for this year and it’s going to require a lot of passionate people like you. 

Will you commit to take part in the growing movement of peaceful defiance with thousands of other people like you when the time comes? 

Add your voice. Sign the petition now.

Are you in? Add your name now to declare a climate emergency.

What is an act of peaceful defiance?

The Greenpeace movement has used acts of peaceful defiance for years to directly communicate the message of the people to decision makers, draw a huge amount of public attention to an issue, or to put an immediate stop to environmental devastation.

Occupying spaces with our message is a critical part of what we do to achieve change. 

There's a role for everyone in the climate movement and it doesn't mean having to get arrested or scale a building. We all have skills to bring to the fight. From connecting people in your community around climate through conversations events to lobbying local politicians to declare a climate emergency. From doing research which exposes the coal lobby's connection to Australian politics to taking over public space with a powerful message.

To confront the climate crisis, there is a role for everyone, and everyone is needed. Will you stand with us?

Whether you can do a lot or a little, there is something for everyone to do and every action counts.
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Authorised by Dom Rowe, Greenpeace Australia Pacific, Sydney.

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