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Demand a climate emergency declaration

Following a wave of grassroots climate action from people like you, it’s just emerged this morning that the Australian Parliament could vote soon on whether to declare a national climate emergency. 

That this is even being talked about at this level, and across the parties, is a marker of how far we’ve come as a movement. And that this comes as homes and lives are again at risk from bushfires burning out of control is no coincidence. The climate emergency has become too big to ignore.

Sign the open letter and join the fast-growing movement of people doing what it takes to force political leaders, business and the media to recognise the climate crisis for what it is: an existential emergency that requires emergency action.

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Our climate is breaking down. Rising seas and more frequent extreme weather events are putting tens of millions of lives around the world at risk.

Here in Australia, the government is totally failing to do what's needed in the face of the crisis. We need them to put the emergency brake on now and start turning the ship around.

The majority of Australians agree that we are facing a climate crisis that requires emergency action now.

Australian families are suffering as we watch our homes burn, our towns flood and our rivers run dry. Meanwhile, Australian politicians continue to shovel coal into the furnace, causing irreversible damage to our climate.

Call on Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten to declare a climate emergency now and then act like it.

Are you in? Add your name now to declare a climate emergency.

Whether you can do a lot or a little, there is something for everyone to do and every action counts.
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Authorised by Dom Rowe, Greenpeace Australia Pacific, Sydney.

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