There is only one antidote to despair. And that is action.

We know we can't wait for politicians to fix our climate. It’s up to us to create a better world, for each other, for our loved ones and for nature.  

We’re asking you to volunteer your time to fight the climate crisis head on.

Can we count on you?

Will you answer the call?

We'll be running climate action trainings across Australia so that you can skill up, get out into your community with like-minded people and make a difference for the climate. 

These will be a practical, solutions-focused places where you can join with other passionate people, commit to action and make a plan to take it forward. Do you have big ideas? We’d love to hear them!

Are you in? We’re going to need every bit of that power for the fight ahead. It’s time to organise, the action is only starting. No ‘activism experience’ necessary.

Can't give your time right now?

Donate to power the movement:

We all have a part to play. What will yours be?

What's happening near you?

Click the red dots below to find out more about your local training.

Call: 1800 815 151

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