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Australia: serious about tackling climate change?


Ask Scott Morrison to show his plan to phase out coal and reduce Australia's emissions to zero!

Here in the Pacific, climate change has already stolen so much - our beaches are disappearing with the rising seawater and we fear the next cyclone that could take our loved ones, our homes and our schools. But we refuse to let greedy companies and the governments that enable them take any more.

The chief United Nations body of climate scientists has released a roadmap on what needs to be done to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. That means giving Pacific Island countries a fighting chance of survival. That means phasing out all fossil fuels, starting with coal. 

We can still avoid the worst impacts of climate change, but only if we act fast and every country pulls its weight. All countries need to present concrete plans to reduce their emissions to zero, but Pacific Islands are among the first to actually deliver.

Australia’s emissions are going up, not down. Now it’s time for Scott Morrison to prove that he's serious about tackling climate change. Step up and show us your plan!

"Coal mining is destroying our earth.I want my grandson to breathe in his future "

Jan wrote Scott Morrison, will you?

"The children of the world depend on this plan so that they can have a bright, clean, safe, and liveable future. TAKE ACTION NOW!"

Zara wrote Scott Morrison, will you?

"Coal is antiquated and dangerous to our health and of course the planet. Please have a plan to phase out coal and fully embrace renewable energy. "

Cam wrote Scott Morrison, will you?

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