Stop Woodside & BHP's Dangerous and Dirty Gas Project on WA's pristine coastline.   

Oil and gas giant Woodside  - along with BHP - want to put a dangerous and dirty mammoth gas project in Scarborough, off the Dampier Archipelago in Western Australia.

This project would spew out 40 million tonnes of climate pollution each year - as much as ten coal-burning power stations!

Contact the Woodside Board of Directors to make sure they put our oceans and climate before private profits.

Why should the Scarborough Gas Project be stopped? 

The mega-gas project will involve risky deep-sea drilling through an area known to be a migration route for the endangered pygmy blue whale and the home of turtles, humpback whales and dolphins. 

As well as the threat to marine life from ship strike, suffocation in dredge spoil and pollution, the project would massively increase the risk to our climate and throws Woodside’s abysmal record on climate change on open display.

The project plans to lay hundreds of kilometres of pipes through endangered coral reefs and important seagrass meadows & at its peak, the Scarborough project will cause more than 40 million tonnes of carbon pollution every year. 

With boundless amounts of cheap and clean renewable energy able to power us into the 21st century, the Scarborough Gas Project would be a huge step in the wrong direction.

We know that with enough pressure, Woodside can back off and leave our oceans alone.

Eight years ago, a mountain of pressure from traditional owners, environmental groups and the general public forced Woodside to back out of a gas hub at James Price Point, and thanks to enormous pressure from incredible people like you, we managed to get BP, Chevron and Equinor to abandon reckless plans to drill in the Great Australian Bight.

Call: 1800 815 151

Authorised by K.Smolski, Greenpeace Australia Pacific, Sydney.

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