Everyone has a right to clean air, but 4,800 people die from air pollution in Australia every year.

Australia's air pollution standards are currently being reviewed. Show them you care. Email your submission now.

Our right to clean air:

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Why act now?

Coal-burning power stations are fuelling a public health crisis by pumping hundreds of thousands of tonnes of toxic and invisible nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide into the air, as well as heavy metals like mercury, leading to serious health impacts and premature death.

The pollution that we can't see in the air we breathe already costs more lives than the national road toll in Australia.

Coal-burning power stations are also the largest source of invisible nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide in Australia, which attack the lungs and form tiny particles that sneak past the body's defence systems.

Right now, we have a critical opportunity to improve our outdated standards for these pollutants, which are being reviewed for the first time in twenty one years.

By standing up for best practice pollution standards, we can make our communities and families safer and healthy for all.

If we want clean air, and the people we love to be free from preventable illness caused by dirty air, we need to adopt stronger limits on air pollution now.

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Authorised by Dom Rowe, Greenpeace Australia Pacific, Sydney.

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