We are in the grip of a complete ecological crisis. The climate emergency is all around us and is impacting our lives in so many ways - devastating droughts, bushfires all over the country, deadly air pollution, and a reef on life support.

No matter who you are, where you come from, or how much you are willing to contribute, you are an important part of this movement.

Climate emergency: a declaration

Coal is the biggest cause of climate change, and the industry and corporations behind it are deeply entrenched in our politics. 

The era of waiting on politicians to act is over. We simply don’t have time to wait out any more election cycles in the hope that the next government will be better than the last. We are in a climate emergency, and we need to act like it.

That’s where you come in. 

By uniting our collective drive, passion and strengths, we will work together to train and mobilise communities to take action that fits the scale of the crisis. Together, we will break free from coal. 

When we work together we can create extraordinary change. Throughout history, people power has overcome enormous adversaries and helped shape our lives for the better. 

We have solutions. We are a country blessed with abundant sunshine and wind, and we already have the clean renewable technology we need to power past coal and into the best possible future.

By uniting our collective courage, we can demand real solutions at every level, move

past petty politics and build a system that protects life in all its diversity. Together we

will break free.

Rising seas and more frequent extreme weather events are putting tens of millions of lives around the world at risk. 

Meanwhile, globally, we are facing a frightening extinction crisis - one million animal and plant species now face extinction, a rate of loss that will accelerate further unless action is taken to eliminate the causes of biodiversity loss, particularly climate change.

Our planet is breaking

Australia’s First Nations, whose sovereignty we recognise was never ceded or extinguished, have an ongoing ancestral tie to this beautiful land which we all now share. Recognising their unique connection to the land, Australians must act now to prevent harms that are already having a particularly damaging impact on First Nations People, including rising sea levels in the Torres Strait, the loss of sacred

country, and diminishing food and water accessibility. 

Our government is failing to do what’s needed in the face of these crises. Australia must pull the emergency brake now. The climate won’t grant us any extensions.

What we must do to prevent

catastrophic climate change

Whether through the Indigenous civil rights movement in Australia, Tasmania’s Franklin Blockade, the gay rights movement, or the campaigns against whaling - ordinary people coming together and standing up to power have achieved remarkable things.

We call on Australia’s governments, at Federal, State, and local levels, to tackle the

climate emergency by:

  1. Moving to power Australia with 100% renewable electricity by 2025;
  2. Shutting down all Australia’s coal-fired power stations by 2025; 
  3. Phasing out coal, oil, and gas mining in Australia by 2025, with a ban on new approvals for any new coal, oil, and gas mines or expansions;
  4. Banning the sale of new internal combustion engine private vehicles by 2025;
  5. Ending deforestation immediately, and beginning the work of protecting and restoring nature.

Development of plans to deliver these goals must centre the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The plans should also help create new jobs and support affected workers and other people from affected communities secure decent work.

Learn about the values that underpin the Break Free coalition.

Against organised money and self-interest, we bring organised people.

We are a fast-growing movement of people doing what it takes to force political leaders, business and the media to recognise the climate crisis for what it is: an existential emergency that requires emergency action. 

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